What my website would look like.

If I was asked to design a website for a newspaper I would make it appealing by using the newspapers colors and putting lots of pictures. I would make the website easy to navigate because the public likes websites where they can find what they want easy and they don’t have to search for it. I would put a lot of pictures because people love to look at pictures; it gives them the sense they were at the event when they might be three states away. 

I would make my site different by making it more of a fun atmosphere. The public loves to put in their opinion so maybe I could have like a daily survey question or ask peoples views on an issue. I would basically make mine different by offering a clean layout with many pictures and strong stories to back up those pictures. Make the public feel at home when they come to look at my site. 


Nothing beats a first time ;)

The stands were packed with people, it was slowly starting to get dark causing the stadium lights to flicker on while the time clock counted down the second until game time.

I was sitting next to my team, make up all done, wearing the Ottawa High School dance uniform proud watching my football team play.

I was a sophomore in high school when I first joined the Ottawa High School dance team. It had been my dream since I was a little girl to be on the dance team since dance had always been something I loved to do; and here I was finally about to perform for the first time.

As half time grew closer my anxiety started to increase. All the normal questions went running through my head including: What if I mess up? What if everyone laughs at me? What if I am not good enough?

Finally, the clock reached the three minute mark before half time, meaning it was time to walk to the other side of the track to prepare to perform for half time.

The walk around the track seemed like miles. Everyone was joking with one another, excited to perform besides me. I just could not stop thinking about how nervous I was.

We reached the other side of the track and circled up to pray for a good performance. Of course I said my own little prayer when the captain was praying; praying that I would do okay and the coach would not regret putting me on the team.

We got set up in our formation so when the buzzer rang we could just walk on right to our spots. My palms started to sweat as I watched the clock slowly dwindle down to half time.

The time had come, I was about to perform my very first performance as a Cyclonette! We walked onto the field as a team, listening to the captain say “5,6,7,8…” so we knew when to hit our beginning positions.

The music started over the loud speaker, filling the stadium. I started off strong with a big smile on my face; hearing people from the stands call out my name as I did my favorite thing in the world.

My adrenaline kicked in and before I knew it the dance was over. Standing in my ending formation, breathing heavy, grinning from ear to ear knowing I did an amazing job.

Walking off the field the stadium was still cheering for us. Our coach was very impressed with us, so impressed in fact she gave us the rest of the game to ourselves instead of sitting with the team.

Needless to say, performing at my first football game is a feeling and memory I will never forget. I can still feel my peers telling me how good I looked out there and how the dance team is their favorite part of the football games. It was a good feeling knowing how much support I had.

I have danced at many football games since then but nothing could ever compare to my first game. My first college football game came close, but it just was not the same as the first time I felt that rush of adrenaline that made me feel invincible. 

Alabama Slammer…. Literally.

The story I chose for this blog assignment was the story of the four Alabama football players getting suspended from the team right after winning the National Championship because of robbery arrests. 

The first news story I looked at was CNN; the story they had posted was pretty short so making it not very descriptive. I had a hard time coming up with a picture in my head because it just stated the facts which they didn’t have many in their story. The lead was very good though and really drew me into the story. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from CNN because in my mind they are really boring and that is what their news story was…. BORING. 

The second news story I looked at was USA Today. I really enjoyed reading this article because they had quotes and it had a lot of information that CNN didn’t have. The lead for this was much like CNN. 

The third news story was from the Tuscaloosa news right from the home state! This story was soooooo long. I couldn’t even finish it because of how long it was I got soo bored!! Although they did have a lot of information the other two stories did not have; the lead made me feel like I had all the information I needed so why continue on? 

If I had to choose a winner it would definitely be the USA Today story. I really enjoyed reading it because it had all the information I wanted to know and they summed it all up pretty quick. It was easy to read and descriptive. Congrats USA Today… you have my stamp of approval.  


Average Joe’s Making Shows

Hey…. Guess What… By me writing this blog I can technically call myself a citizen journalist. 

Why? Because I am writing a blog informing you about a topic when really I am not a reporter… I’m just an ol’ average Joe putting in my two good cents. 

Citizen Journalism is when average Joes do exactly what reporters do and that is to bring you lovely ladies and gentleman the hard core.. sometimes boring… most of the time not really important (like this) news! 

This type of journalism could be anything from a blog to a podcast. It can include pictures, text, video and audio; all of this is usually found online because really, who is going to take the time to print off their own work and pass it out to people hoping that they read it when most likely it will end up in the trash… 

Also, people use the internet for this because it can be viewed by many people around the world not just the people in one area! Therefore, getting your work seen more and getting your news out there. 

There are two kinds of citizen journalism:

  1. Semi- Independent: basically when you comment on an actual new story. 
  2.  Independent citizen journalist: when you have your own blog reporting news.

Citizen Journalism reminds me a lot of Xeno Lovegood (Luna Lovegoods Dad), who is the founder of The Quibbler. The Quibbler, is a magazine based off of Xeno’s weird and abnormal beliefs. He writes about things like Crumpled Horned Snorkack (whatever that is.) He would be considered a citizen journalist because he isn’t really a reporter but he puts news out there for people to read. 

My goal for this blog was to provide you with the knowledge of what a citizen reporter is and now that I have done that I shall go watch some Harry Potter. 


Goals, Goals, Goals

For my class I have to write this blog. I have never written a blog before so don’t judge my work.

My goals are to keep up with my blog and to not slack! I want to entertain people as much as possible with my writing!

Get ready for this semester because my blog is going to be freaking awesome!

Stay tuned for next week!! 🙂